The World Championship Chili Cook-off

September 17-19   |   Burroughs and Chapin Pavilion Place   |   Myrtle Beach, SC. 

The 54th Annual WCCC, presented by BUSH’S® Beans, will offer tourists and residents three full days of fun that can satisfy the whole family’s appetite. Aside from the 500+ flavors of chili to choose from, activities like the Family Fun Zone, cornhole tournament and hot sauce/wing eating contest will keep the kids entertained. And for the more mature crowd, several decorated beer gardens with options such as seltzers, imports, craft and domestic will refresh attendees' palates. All while local and national music acts fill the beach air with lively vibrations from country and rock artists.

See below a list of ticketed events for the 54th annual event.



General Admission 

The WCCC attracts hundreds of chili cooks and awards almost $100,000 in prizes, all while giving thousands of chili fans a chance to taste some of the most creative and delicious chili ever made. Want to join in the fun? Make plans to attend. Tickets are available for special experiences, but the cook-off is open and free to the public.


$15 Daily

People’s Choice
Sampling & Judging

Looking to taste award-winning chili at the World’s Championship? By participating in People’s Choice Judging you can put your palate to test in Myrtle Beach. Try tastings from any five of our competition teams and vote for your favorite one. The team with the most PC votes will be crowned the winner. 


Certified Chili Judge Class

Become a Certified Chili Judge! Looking to get in on the chili action? Take our Certified Chili Judge Class and you’re one step closer to becoming a card-carrying Chilihead! This interactive class will teach you what to look for when judging professional chili. The best part? You’ll be qualified to judge in the following days at the 54th World Championships Chili Cook-off and all ICS sanctioned events around the country! 

VIP Lounge

While gate admission to the World Championship Chili Cook-off is FREE, the VIP Lounge is a great excuse to treat yourself! Upgrade your chili fest experience in the World Championship Chili Cook-off VIP Lounge. Take a break from the Myrtle Beach heat and enjoy complimentary tastings from award-winning chili cooks and cold beverages from the private cash bar, all under a shaded outdoor lounge setting with a view of the beach!



Family Fun Zone

The World Championship Chili Cook-off’s Family Fun Zone is the perfect outing for all families in the Grand Strand. From competitive food games and prizes to interactive experiences, this exciting event will have something for kids of all ages. A ticket for each child participating in the zone will allow them all day access to the coolest spot on the grid.


Corporate Cup Challenge

In cooperation with the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, the World Championship Chili Cook-off will host its inaugural Corporate Cup Challenge, a charitable event that will involve up to 25 local businesses and feature a People’s Choice judging process.




Firehouse Chili Challenge

Talk to ten different firehouses and you’re likely to find ten different chili recipes, all claiming to be the best. But, who really IS the best? You be the judge! Ticket purchasers will try ten different versions of this firehouse staple from ten different teams. Vote for your favorite chili and the team with the most votes will donate all proceeds to the charity of their choice.



Pepper Sprouts
Cooking Class

Does your sprout want to learn how to cook competition chili? Bring your bunch for an interactive cooking class taught by Mr. Chilihead himself! Learn the basics of chili according to the International Chili Society. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian but WCCC will provide all ingredients and equipment! 


Beer Garden

Nothing goes better with chili than a cold one! After a day full of chili tastings, sit back and enjoy the good vibes and good company in WCCC’s Beer Garden.



Shelby Car Show

The founder of the International Chili Society, Carroll Shelby, was a man of many wonders, including CHILI! Along with a couple of friends, the Shelby Cobra designer developed the World Championship Chili Cook-off and changed the history of chili forever. Now, at the 54th annual event, WCCC will honor one of its founding fathers with a Cobra Car Show that will take us all back in time.



Carroll Shelby Memorial Cruise-In

The World Championship Chili Cook-off sure has a knack for extreme automobiles. Not only are we bringing a Shelby Car Show but on Sunday, Antique Fords will cruise in, in memory of the ICS Founder.