Become A CHILI Judge

The World Championship Chili Cook-off is seeking judges for the September event in Myrtle Beach. For this year's event, all judges must take the Certified Chili Judges (CCJ) course on-site, prior to the competition, even if previously certified.

Read more information below.

To sign up for judging:

  1. Click the button below

  2. Complete the judges' application

  3. Pay for the on-site instruction ($50)

After a judge pays for the CCJ course and submits their application at the link above, they will receive an email that confirms the submission was received. Then, in the coming weeks, ICS will reach out to each individual judge with their assignments for the weekend.


The chili judge certification course will take place Thursday, September 16 from 2-3 pm EDT or Friday, September 17 from 3-5 pm EDT. All registered judges must be present at this course in order to secure their assigned judging slots for the weekend. Specific details about the class will be emailed to all registered judges prior to the course. To read more about judging, click here